BDO Horizons 2018 - Issue 4

19 November 2018

Original content provided by BDO

On a quarterly basis, we analyse market developments in the Mergers & Acquisitions market worldwide and offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving – and where it is aiming for.

The current issue of the BDO Magazine HORIZONS contains expert commentaries on current global and regional trends at the end of 2018, forecasts for the coming year and an overview of where the M&A market appears to be heading. 

Whether you are active on the buy or sell side or just drawing attention to the latest opportunities, HORIZONS will provide you invaluable insights into where and why investments are flowing, and give you more insights and mid-market knowledge you need.

Issue 4 contains global and regional overviews and analyses, as well as contributions from the fields of trading, renewable energies, and a special on US trade policy and the resulting potential gains for Europe.

In a global market with confusing activity and endless choices, we offer part of the context necessary for navigation.

HORIZONS is published every three months and is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors and key persons who are interested in buying or selling medium-sized companies as part of a succession plan or an M&A transaction. Based on up-to-date statistical figures, the M&A experts at BDO International provide you with an up-to-date picture of global M&A activity, with a separate section dedicated to each geographical region and an in-depth look at various sectors.