Restructuring & special situations

Even before the financial crisis, members of our team were on hand to advise clients from the financial services sector on restructuring and investments in the market for distressed assets.

Restructuring and stabilisation

In response to the effects and aftermath of the financial crisis, we have expanded upon our portfolio of services considerably. The team of experts here offers support to market players in the financial sector, shareholders, investors and the public authorities within the framework of numerous projects relating to the stabilisation, restructuring and liquidation of companies and other structures on the financial and capital market. Alongside the development of customised solutions for sensitive and critical situations, this also includes assessments and reappraisals of specific facts on the causes of crises. Our team boasts extensive experience in developing approaches and concepts for restructuring projects within the financial sector and we are continuing to build on this expertise in our current projects. Our specialist knowledge of complex securitisation and the underlying structures and processes is all part of this.

Portfolio advisory services and distressed assets solutions

As a team, we have advised buyers and sellers alike on a wide range of loan portfolio transactions on an international scale. We have experience in the preparation of transactions, the assessment of the quality of loan portfolios, the underlying securities (including real estate and ships) and valuation as well as the analysis of individual loans and debtors. Our services also include offering our support for the management and control of portfolios by banks, servicers and collection managers.

Recovery and resolution planning

Supervisory requirements mean that banks have to draw up recovery plans and provide comprehensive information during resolution planning. We help banks in Germany and the rest of Europe to create these recovery plans and ensure compliance with the supervisory requirements in place for resolution planning. Our experts have representatives within the relevant supervisory and professional working groups.

Programme management and project office support

When it comes to complex transactions we are professionally supporting, we often take care of the process management and organisational tasks too. What this means is that our experts can assume responsibility for managing complex transaction processes.