• Audits in the context of compliance requirements

Audits in the context of compliance requirements

The challenges imposed on supervisory and management boards have grown steadily in recent years. The management board has to ensure that employees comply with statutory provisions and internal company regulations. The supervisory board has the duty of monitoring the accounting process, the effectiveness of the internal controlling system, the risk management system and the internal auditing system. In doing so, it not only needs to consider the increasing variety of subjects, but also the increasing complexity of regulatory or industry-specific requirements.

Thanks to the detailed knowledge we gain in the scope of the classic audit, for example, relating to the industry, business model, risk, (IT-based) processes and organisational, forms you can talk to us as peers. We offer a wide range of auditing services to gain additional assurance with respect to a variety of situations.

To support the supervisory and management boards’ monitoring obligations, we offer a number of audits that are tailored to your requirements.

Our service portfolio in the context of compliance requirements

  • Audits for monitoring corporate governance (e.g. as experts for the supervisory board of a public limited company pursuant to §111, paragraph 2, sentence 2 of the AktG (German stock corporation act)).
  • Special audits at the request of shareholders in general meetings or as a result of a court order
  • Auditing of compliance management systems
  • Auditing of reporting processes
  • Here also: IT audit

Tax compliance

Compliance with the tax rules in force entails an increasing risk of error for companies. The increasing complexity of needs requires the establishment of internal corporate structures and operating procedures in order to identify significant violations of tax rules in good time, thus preventing infractions. We guarantee your security by assessing on the basis of professional duties applicable to auditors whether your systems are functional.

The reality is this: errors in filing tax returns or missed deadlines can happen, despite taking the utmost care. Documented evidence of our appraisal of the systems without objections can help to rebut allegations of reckless or intentional tax evasion and thus avert further damage to the company and the persons responsible.