Web-based application

Notes on the program

  • Web application with no local installation
  • Open interface based on REST provides the option of simple integration with company processes
  • Based on Microsoft technologies (.Net, IIS, SQL Server)
  • Option of running the program on a virtual server (instead of a hardware solution)
  • Requirements:
  • Optional use of email function (Exchange server connection)
  • Optional remote access by BDO (especially in the implementation phase)
  • Rights concepts e.g. single sign-on concept with Windows log-in

Notes on the database

  • SQL Server database (standard product; Version SQL Server 2014)
  • Initial volume 500 MB
  • Database volume (approx. 200 test leases with a volume of < 5 MB
  • Total volume does not generally exceed 10 GB (>250,000 leases)
  • Requirements:
  • Refer to the requirements for Microsoft SQL Server
  • No special requirements for database back-ups



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Dr. Jens Freiberg

Dr. Jens Freiberg

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