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  • Post Merger
    Integration (PMI)

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Successfully execute post-merger integration!

Access to new markets and customers, expansion of the product portfolio, acquisition of key talent, exploitation of cost synergies - however different the objectives of various M&A activities may be, the overriding goal is always to realize significant synergy effects so that the integrated business is greater than the sum of its parts. However, in two out of three cases this ambitious goal is not achieved. Based on experience, the decisive reason is usually the poor implementation of the post-merger integration, i.e., the integration of the target company.

Post-merger integration is therefore to be understood as a central field of action in the context of M&A activities and presents companies with significant strategic, financial, and legal challenges. The high complexity of post-merger integration lies in the combination of individual organizations, process worlds and corporate cultures and is often driven by high time and financial pressure as well as the requirement of implementation parallel to the core business.

The Strategy & Business Transformation team supports you on your way to integration success with the help of a 100-day plan, among other methodologies. The goal and object of the consulting service are the implementation of the future corporate structure, the optimization and redesign of existing processes and resources, and the development of a comprehensive corporate culture. As a rule, business models are further developed holistically. BDO's post-merger integration approach helps you to realize concrete synergy and cost-saving potentials and thus to successfully implement your M&A activities in a value-creating manner.

We have a holistic view of the five forces of an indication.

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Successful integrations need a holistic plan

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