The increasing complexity of credit and financial services institutions as well as large asset managers on the one hand, and the great need for security on the part of executive boards, supervisory boards and regulators on the other, has led in recent years to an expansion of the audit scope in internal audits, and to a multitude of event-triggered internal audits. Many companies have been unable to meet these additional requirements with their own capacities. This may have been due to a lack of staff in individual cases, but also to lack of specialised knowledge, IT tools or a combination of these factors.

The focus of our support services in the scope of co-sourcing projects is on the areas of IT audits, credit checks with a focus on reviewing structured financing, reporting systems – and especially the innovations and regulatory topics relating to compliance with equity, liquidity, compliance and money laundering requirements.

BDO has a large group of employees who have many years of experience in auditing and consultancy for credit and financial services institutions as well as for large-scale asset managers. Based on this wealth of experience we have created check lists and sample reports for all these audit fields which we can always adapt to different company sizes and business models.

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