For Entrepreneurs & Management Teams

For Entrepreneurs & Management Teams

Are you a shareholder, managing director or board member facing decisive strategic decisions for your company and in need of capital? Do you want to finance growth, new ideas and technologies? Do you need to reposition your business in the market or are you looking to establish an entrepreneurial succession? Private equity can be an ideal solution for these challenges.

The challenge is to find the right financing partner among hundreds of possible private equity companies in a reasonable amount of time or to organize financing alternatives in parallel. The reward for success is high. If you find the right partner you can create an enriching profitable entrepreneurial partnership that drives ambitious businesses to transform and grow fast. The down side of not selecting the right partner can be unpleasant, stressful, value-destructive and should be avoided.

BDO supports you in finding successful solutions to these challenges: At your request we can get involved very early in the process to help you define what future success means for you and your company to attract private equity. We can continue to help you prepare your company for such a partnership: Equity story, due diligence and financial reporting are just three keywords in this context.

We then put our many years of private equity experience to work for you to find the perfect partner: Having regard to your company and taking into account the 'chemistry' of the key players and their personal fit with you. Should we jointly come to the conclusion that private equity is not the best solution for your requirements: Our independence guarantees that we will find the most suitable alternative for you.

We support you with these Key Questions:


Is private equity a good fit for my company?

  • Strategic (M&A) Advisory: Equity Story
  • Debt Advisory


How do I find the best private equity solution for my company?

  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Reporting

How do I accelerate the growth of my company with private equity?

How do I achieve restructuring success with private equity?

How do I realize an increase in value upon exit?


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