Antitrust & EU State Aid Law

Antitrust & EU State Aid Law

Companies need an environment in which everyone has the same opportunities for their economic activities. One essential means of ensuring this equality is working competition; this makes sure that the fruits of success really do go to the originator of a development.

Ensuring this is the task of German and European antitrust law and EU state aid law.

Our staff, with their many years of experience, help your company to identify and avoid risks and use the various options of antitrust and state aid law. In addition to daily consultancy, for example, in drafting of contractual relations, we are naturally also available to your business in case of emergency, and to provide support in your dealings with authorities or courts.

Antitrust and EU state aid law does not distinguish fundamentally by size or by the industry in which a company operates. To do justice to this, our range of services is aimed at all companies that come into contact with the antitrust and EU state aid law, no matter whether they are large companies, SMEs, service providers or manufacturers.

Antitrust and EU state aid law is very closely linked to economic issues. We therefore closely cooperate with BDO’s financial experts, accountants and tax consultants as needed, such as when a market value appraisal is required.

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