Antitrust law

Antitrust Law

In addition to the national antitrust law, the directly applicable European antitrust rules have significantly gained importance in recent years. However, antitrust law does not merely restrict your business, it can also be consciously used as a strategic means of asserting your own interests. We support your company in the antitrust legislation-compliant design of its business activities and point to options for defending your interests in the face of anticompetitive behaviour of other market players.

  • Contract review and drafting under German and European antitrust law
  • Examination of contractual cooperation with other market players (on the same business level, as well as upstream or downstream) in production or research and development.
  • Participation in market information systems
  • Dealing with a strong market position (your own or of another market player)
  • Identifying and preventing violations of antitrust law

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