Auditing Financial Statements
in Line with HGB, IFRS & US GAAP

Auditing Financial Statements in Line with HGB, IFRS & US GAAP

In carrying out legal and voluntary annual and consolidated financial statements in line with HGB, IFRS and US GAAP, we use an approach that is risk-oriented and individually tailored to the client’s needs, analyses the critical areas and enables effective and efficient implementation of auditing.
Our audit approach is based, depending on individual requirements, on the German principles of orderly execution of audits, or the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), taking an optimal and efficient audit process, essential quality assurance and the special service aspects for the client into consideration.

Audit workflow

The audit process is seamlessly and individually tailored to your document creation processes. After agreeing the terms of the agreement and the depending on the phase information collection, we use our Audit Process Tool auditing software to develop an optimal audit strategy. This allows us to precisely determine risk inherent in the company and define the materiality. Based on an initial analytical appraisal, the audit-relevant areas are identified very early in the audit year. By discovering the details of the controlling environment, we develop a risk profile and define the nature and extent of the audit procedures on this basis.
The audit itself is based on the implementation and evaluation of controlling tests in the critical areas of the enterprise and based on substantial analytical and other review procedures.

Quality assurance

Pervasive monitoring of the audit helps us ensure constant quality; we reference the findings of our internal peer reviews here.

Service aspect

The special service aspect is shown in our efforts to offer the client an added-value service that goes beyond conventional ‘audit reports with an audit opinion’ in the form of cross-audit support and consultancy. In addition to this, we are happy to collaborate with you in designing an efficient closing and review process.

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