Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

BDO is best suited for the task of “following the money” beyond national borders, navigating challenging jurisdictions and advancing asset recovery. In jurisdictions with statutory time limits for investigations, or when the subject still has access to the assets during the investigation, BDO’s global network provides the speed required for successful asset recovery.

BDO’s joint asset recovery task force brings together international prosecutorial and investigative teams on a case by case basis and can support you with:

  • Global investigations & forensic accounting
  • Investigating corporate holdings and beneficial owners
  • Investigating court filings and legal databases
  • Identifying real estate, maritime, aviation,  motor vehicle and distributed ledger assets
  • Leveraging social media to identity assets
  • Physical surveillance and onsite Investigations
  • Human intelligence sources and forensic Interviews
  • Analysis and review of unstructured data from (mobile) devices