BDO partners with SCADAfence to provide OT Visibility and Threat Detection for Industrial Organisati

BDO partners with SCADAfence to provide OT Visibility and Threat Detection for Industrial Organisati

The rise of cyber attacks involving industrial operations and critical infrastructure has required an increased level of security. This new partnership will grant BDO’s customers access to their OT networks via the SCADAfence platform, enabling them to automate their asset discovery and inventory management, as well as their threat detection, risk management, and compliance.

"Our customers' security is a top priority and partnering with SCADAfence will simply allow them to lay a foundation for a robust security posture in their OT landscape.'' said Andreas Deml, Manager and Head of BDO Center of Excellence for OT. "Effectively securing OT and ICS environments requires security teams to have complete visibility into OT assets as well as detect and response abilities to any threats. We feel that SCADAfence is a comprehensive platform for our customers’ OT security needs.”

The SCADAfence platform provides:

  • Full visibility into OT and IoT networks - enables organizations to see a complete picture of all industrial devices and how they communicate
  • Automated asset management - operates in real-time, without interfering with day-to-day processes and operations
  • Real-time threat detection - passively detects indicators of compromise in real-time and early indications of an attack throughout the cyber kill chain
  • Risk reduction - immediate results without changing existing networks or infrastructures
  • Remote access security - easily tracks and detects user activities that are out of the user’s profile or are malicious

“We are excited to be partnering with BDO to expand and strengthen our leading OT security platform,” said Nate McCready, Global Channel Manager SCADAfence. “Now more than ever, industrial and critical infrastructure organisations are entrusted to protect their OT environments and we are proud to offer our OT security platform and services to BDO’s industrial clients to support those efforts.”

On Oct. 28th, SCADAfence and BDO will host a joint webinar: The OT Security Challenge & How to Overcome it. Register here.