Dr. Jens Freiberg

Dr. Jens Freiberg

German Public Auditor, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Capital Markets



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Responsibilities at BDO: 

  • Board responsibility for international business and network 
  • As Head of Capital Markets responsible for the audit and advisory services of capital market-oriented companies 
  • Extensive and in-depth experience in auditing and advising capital market-oriented companies 
  • Well versed in IFRS and HGB accounting issues as well as current developments in financial and non-financial accounting 


  • IDW - Reporting Expert Committee  
  • IDW - Working Group “Sustainable Finance” 
  • IFRS Interpretations Committee (since March 2020) 
  • AKEU - Working Group on External Corporate Accounting of the Schmalenbach Gesellschaft 

Publications (extract, amongst others): 

  • Haufe IFRS comment 
  • Corporate Sustainability - Compass for Sustainability Reporting 
  • Permanent staff member Betriebs Berater 
  • Publisher PIR