Roland Speidel

Roland Speidel

Certified Tax Advisor, Lawyer, Senior Manager, National Office Tax & Legal

Executive summary

Areas of responsibility / Main focus of expertise

  • Central expert support for individual tax and legal questions
  • Centralized reporting of cross-border tax arrangements in accordance with DAC6
  • Preparation of current legislation, court decisions, administrative instructions and other tax developments for internal and external clients
  • (Internal) quality assurance
  • Assistant lecturer at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, Heide

In addition to his specialized activities, within the Tax & Legal Policy Department Mr. Speidel is also in charge of providing regular information and communication content on current topics relating to tax consultancy. Furthermore, Mr. Speidel is responsible for internal training and continuing professional education/development in the German BDO Tax & Legal department and, using his excellent internal network, Mr. Speidel handles the liaising of contacts within BDO or within the international BDO network.
Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences West Coast, Heide