Health management, energy and financial institutions

We generally advise companies, entrepreneurs and corporate groups in all industries with transactions strongly characterised by the mid-market.
We also have special industry and transaction experience in selected industries, which we would like to highlight here:


We have extensive transaction experience in healthcare. We advise shareholders, (private, public or confessional) organisations and managers/directors of  

  • (Specialist) hospitals,
  • Rehabilitation facilities,
  • Care facilities,
  • Laboratories,

with implementing M & A transactions.
We provide advice in close cooperation with our experts from the health management department (please highlight with link AS/health management) for company sales and purchases, privatisations, concept competitions and mergers, 

Energy supply

Established industry experts advise companies in the field of energy supply (please highlight with link to ‘CF – energy supply industry focus’ (if this category should still be created), otherwise please link to higher-level ‘sectors/energy supply’) for all types of M & A transactions.

Financial services

Established industry experts advise companies in the field of financial services (please link to CF – financial institutions industry focus) for all types of M & A transactions.

On top of that, we have extensive knowledge and transaction experience in the following sectors:

  • TMT (technology, media and telecommunications)
  • Industrials and chemicals
  • Support services and business services
  • Pharma, medical and biotech

This is thanks to our participation in the corresponding M & A industry teams at BDO International. We are temporarily able to comply with the specific requirements of transactions and to put together individual, international M & A project teams with the appropriate industry experts.