Company Pension Scheme Actuary Services

Company Pension Scheme Actuary Services

We offer our clients essential consultancy services for various approaches to implementing company pension schemes.
In accordance with our integrated advisory approach, our actuaries collaborate with other experts from our auditing, tax and business law consulting and advisory divisions. In case of cross-border tasks, the BDO member companies of the global BDO network are available as points of contact.

Our objective is to identify the developments and new requirements in the field of company pensions at an early stage, and develop solutions for the benefit of our clients. The expertise of the BDO staff with respect to accounting in all sectors and systems (HGB, IFRS, US GAAP) is meaningfully complemented in risk and probability assessment, statistical analysis and financial planning by the special capabilities of our actuaries.

Service portfolio


Due date valuations of pension obligations and similar social obligations are conducted in line with national and international standards.

Forecasts and analysis

Forecasts for company pensions are created on the basis of recognised actuarial methods, both for short-term planning in various scenarios and in the long term for the analysis and management of profitability and liquidity effects.

Actuarial support

Pension schemes, pension funds and providential funds are supported extensively in terms of actuarial requirements and tax.


Our consulting services relate to modelling the implementation path for company pensions, the design of the care system, cost and risk analysis and support in issues of labour and tax legislation.


Our services in the field of company pensions range from information on providing statements on company pensions and evaluating financing measures through to handling the complete administrative overhead for pensions.


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