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The internal audit department faces the challenge of ensuring that business processes are supported by IT. Evidence of the effectiveness of controls and the security of company data is often only found in IT systems. Reliability, security and compliance must therefore be based on an assessment of the installed systems and IT processes as well as the stored data. In order to meet the challenge, the internal audit department must constantly expand its knowledge. But: due to the complexity of the systems, it is often not possible to comprehensively maintain the required competence for the individual areas (network/server security, authorization systems, firewall, customizing of applications, Active Directory, etc.) in the audit.

Due to the complexity of systems and the staffing of the internal audit department, the use of specialists is therefore advisable from an economic point of view.

Range of services

BDO-IT& Controls Assurance can support you in the following audit areas:

  • IT strategies and planning
  • Outsourcing agreements with national and international standards
  • Change management processes
  • Network Security
  • Active Directory Security
  • IT standard applications (SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics NAV™, ...)
  • Server security (SQL™, MySQL™, Apache Server™)
  • Compliance with GoB requirements of in-house developments
  • Internal control system (ICS) for IT applications to ensure complete and correct processing
  • Data analysis/Fraud. analyses
  • BCM (Business Continuity Management) audits
  • Risk Management System
  • Penetration tests/IT security scans
  • Data Center Examinations
  • Quality assurance/project-accompanying inspection
  • SAP® Risk Check
  • Data protection/data protection audits
  • Document management systems

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Frank Gerber

Frank Gerber

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