Support in the preparation of financial and non-financial reporting

Taking over financial accounting

One of our classic services is handling the task of regular (monthly, quarterly, etc.) financial accounting as per commercial and tax law. Our services include monthly assignment and posting of documents, creating reports and VAT advanced returns. The regular evaluations and the scope of activity are coordinated with you individually.

Implementation of payroll accounting

In addition or as a separate service, we can also handle your regular payroll accounting. Our experts have the necessary knowledge of the specific requirements of specific sectors (e.g. wages in the construction industry) or of laws regulating certain professions (e.g. civil service regulations). Social insurance reports and the preparation of income tax declarations are also part of our contemporary range of services.


Non-financial reporting

With our interdisciplinary structure, as well as classic financial and personnel accounting services, we can also offer you support in preparing non-financial reporting (e.g. sustainability reporting)