Business Services Outsourcing (BSO)

Business Services Outsourcing (BSO)

Business Services Outsourcing (BSO)

We support our clients in current accounting or take over all related activities.

Financial accounting

Financial accounting primarily comprises document entry, account reconciliation and success control through business evaluations. In doing so, we use modern process techniques to exchange information with you or, for example, credit institutions.

Payroll accounting

As part of the entire payroll accounting process, we take on the monthly payroll accounting for you, including the calculation of holiday pay, the calculation, registration and certification of payroll tax and social security contributions, travel expense accounting, but also the clarification of wage tax doubts.

Preparation of annual financial statements

Based on the financial accounting maintained by you or us, we develop the annual financial statements under commercial and tax law and report on them in accordance with the principles of professional law (IDW S7). Furthermore, we support you in fulfilling all related legal obligations, up to and including submission to the intended public authorities.