Public Sector

Public Sector

We offer industry-specific tax and business legal advice for the public sector and their corporate investments, because their taxation involves special regulations.

We focus on tax optimization especially regarding

  • VAT optimized configuration of allowances
  • Tax recognition of permanently loss-making activities
  • Consolidated tax filing status of multi utility companies
  • Optimization of divisional accounting
  • Identifying commercial operations of public bodies
  • Optimization with respect to dividend withholding tax

Specialists, mostly with dual qualifications as lawyers and tax consultants, provide tax & business law services in connection with state aid, procurement, labor- and municipal law.

We provide comprehensive advice from initial concept papers to practical implementation advice:

  • Optimization of municipal groups
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Inter-municipal cooperation
  • We cover all main state-run industries, especially:
  • Local public transportation
  • Drinking water supply and waste water disposal

We are familiar with the specifics of the local decision-making processes and have a focus on feasibility aspects at each stage of advice, because our goal is practical implementation.


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