Comfort letter

Planning the issuing of company shares or bonds should not be underestimated – especially against the background of the overhead involved. In particular, many enterprises are unaware of the timing which leads to avoidable frustration in reconciling the required comfort letter between the enterprise and the auditing company. This is where our experts step in to provide you with expert support in the process.

The tight schedule of, for example, an IPO process necessitates detailed planning and reconciliation of the work steps. Above all, creating a comfort letter is a challenge. This is a tool that serves as evidence of appropriate care in creating the securities prospectus. BDO supports you with your aim of quickly providing qualified information by creating a comfort letter while taking the applicable professional standards (IDW PS 910) into consideration. Thanks to effective reciprocal processes and professional excellence, BDO ensures an efficient reconciliation process.

In doing so, BDO also strives to keep an eye on the client’s cost side through efficient communication and collaboration; of course, critical factors such as the availability of the client still need to be guaranteed (typically on-site projects). In this light, BDO provides experienced and well-tuned deployment teams who are qualified to handle the professional and client-side requirements at any time.