Preparation of historical financial information

Share issuers on regulated markets in the EU will have audited historical financial information in their securities prospectus, and an audit opinion for each financial statement covered. Typically, this audited historic financial information will be shown on the basis of consolidated financial statements. These statements in turn must be based on IFRS accounting.

Frequently combined statements and pro forma financial information is included in the securities prospectus. This is necessary if significant transactions by the issuer have taken place prior to going public, or the issuer’s business activities were merged to form a single legal entity specifically for the purpose of going public. Both forms of information processing regularly pose challenges for the issuer in terms of achieving an accurate and compliant representation.

With our experience and expertise we support you in

  • Showing accounting effects of significant acquisitions and disposals in the best possible way. Taking the provisions of the EC Prospectus Directive and statements by IDW into consideration, we guarantee an efficient process, while taking into account compliance with concrete specifications, individual components, accurate assumptions and potential effects.
  • Risk-oriented auditing of your specific financial information based on the applicable standards and statements.

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Elke Wollank

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