China inbound

We can help companies that want to establish themselves in the region of Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) with areas such as overall strategy and goals, value chain and market prospects, choosing the right business structure and investment strategy, planning tax matters, choosing the most suitable location, recruiting management, selecting and implementing an accounting system, and generally significant support in a potentially difficult process. Our broad range of services listed above is available to established companies for continuous development and growth.

Establishment of subsidiaries in China:

  • Selection of locations
  • Selection of legal form
  • Optimisation of group structure
  • Evaluation of investment funds for the Chinese subsidiary
  • Implementation of the founding process

Mergers and acquisitions in China:

  • Valuation of the target company
  • Optimisation of the acquisition structure
  • Contract preparation

Continuous development in China:

  • Tax consulting and auditing of financial records in China
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax advice for expatriates



  • 公司所在地选择
  • 法律形式的选择
  • 集团结构的优化
  • 估算中国子公司的资本配备
  • 进行成立子公司的申请操作


  • 估算目标公司价值
  • 优化收购结构
  • 优化收购结构


  • 中国税务咨询以及财务报表审计
  • 转移定价咨询
  • 针对外派员工的税务咨询