China outbound

We can help Chinese companies wanting to establish themselves in Germany with setting up a new subsidiary with scenario planning, identifying suitable targets, developing pricing structures, establishing financing arrangements and performing financial and operational due diligence and evaluations – in addition to helping with ongoing compliance. In particular, we provide auditing and tax consultancy services for German subsidiaries of clients from BDO China.

Establishing subsidiaries in Germany:

  • Selection of legal form
  • Legal advice
  • Conceptual design and evaluation of the business plan
  • Assistance in applying for a location and work permit
  • Support in opening up the German and European market
  • Consultancy and evaluation of the IT system and its security

Mergers and acquisitions in Germany:

  • Review of the target company, conducting due diligence, advice on mergers
  • Optimisation of the acquisition structure
  • Support with acquisitions and divestitures of businesses

IPO in Germany:
BDO is a listing partner of Deutsche Börse.

  • Review and restructuring to meet the conditions for an IPO
  • Coordination and support during the IPO
  • Advice on managing investor relations after the IPO
  • Support with preparing quarterly reports



  • 公司所在地选择
  • 法律程式上的支持
  • 经营计划的构思及评估
  • 居住和劳工许可证申请方面的支持
  • 开发德国以及欧洲市场方面的支持
  • IT系统及其安全方面的咨询及评估


  • 估算目标公司价值,进行尽职调查及兼并咨询
  • 优化收购结构
  • 收购及出售公司方面的支持


  • 为达到上市条件进行的评估和结构调整
  • 在上市过程中的协调与支持
  • 上市后在处理与投资者关系方面的咨询
  • 筹备季度报告上的支持