To allow a family office to structure, manage and sustainably protect its assets, taking personal and family interests into account, the family office must be set up to suitably reflect these interests. The solutions for this can be versatile and complex; they often have an international context.
BDO Family Office Services provides advice and support in setting up a family office. We offer comprehensive advice on all tax- and company-law-related questions within the scope of your wealth and enterprise succession planning, taking legal and fiscal effects of transition agreements within the scope of anticipated inheritance on the subsequent generations into account. In the design of family and pool companies, and optimisation of holding companies and financial investments (in particular private equity, venture capital, closed and open real estate and investment funds), we have substantial expertise, which we are happy to place at your disposal through our specialists in your consideration of potential options.

Our services include, in particular:

  • Establishment and structuring of a family office
  • Founding of (family) holding companies, family foundations and charitable foundations
  • Restructuring of existing companies, in particular with a view to managing succession
  • Implementation of supervisory board and advisory council structures
  • Establishing family governance structures and processes
  • Training family members
  • Establishment of a communications platform
  • Support in the development of investment strategies and concepts
  • Consultancy in the acquisition of real estate in Germany and abroad and in real estate management
  • Consultancy for international scenarios, tax-optimised exit and inflow consultancy
  • Assessment of financial innovations
  • Acquisition of alternative assets such as art, vintage vehicles, etc.
  • Financial, payroll and asset accounting
  • Asset controlling and reporting
  • Establishment of an innovative reporting tool (Management Cockpit)

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Günter Wagner

Günter Wagner

German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Lawyer, Partner, Tax & Legal
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