Management: Cockpit

Against the background of the megatrends of digitisation and globalisation, there is a need for long-standing family offices to pursue a course of ongoing development and optimisation. Creative and innovative solutions are required here.

The purpose of the family office is to manage and sustainably protect assets while taking personal and family interests into account. Family members – especially if they are not actively involved in family office operations – today expect far more up-to-date and widely available information on the success of their family office’s activities.

In the form of the BDO Management Cockpit, BDO Family Office Services provides an innovative, easy-to-use and informative reporting tool which offers you optimal support for the complex tasks of a family office. The applications of the BDO Management Cockpit tool include in particular:

  • Showing wealth development with various views and KPI levels and asset items
    • Liquidity
    • Portfolio view
    • Real estate development
  • Current and historic performance views
  • Scenario and analysis view
  • Risk view
  • Integration of external data such as share prices or stock exchange information

Keep track of everything: whether through financial investments, real estate or bank accounts, all types of assets are clearly shown in the management cockpit and with the help of measurable performance indicators.

Various data sources can be connected and uniformly presented in a tool, preventing the loss of valuable information and providing a comprehensive overview that allows strategic decisions to be made on a founded basis.

We offer a modular and extensible reporting environment that can be optimally matched to suit you and your needs. Thanks to efficient data processing, important findings are made, planning is optimised and all business scenarios are managed in the best possible way.

Data analysis is transparent, flexible and fast, helping you to keep pace with the latest developments at all times.

The Management Cockpit makes it easier for you to define strategic goals and manage risk because you have a clear and transparent picture of the data that helps you keep track of and evaluate potential risks. This keeps you in control at all times.
BDO offers a high level of expertise in the field of reporting, especially on the subjects of business intelligence, data warehousing, data integration and data management.

Based on many years of experience, we develop both classic and specialist solutions that we tailor to meet your individual needs. In the process, we support you in developing your processes and performance indicators.

Using our proven concepts, process models and techniques, we promote your needs within your project, develop a suitable solution for you and make all necessary preparations for the smooth operation of the Management Cockpit. And we are happy to contribute our expertise in any scenario at all times.


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