Professionalisation and ongoing development

Against the background of the megatrends of digitisation and globalisation, there is a need for existing family offices to pursue a course of ongoing development and optimisation. Creative and innovative solutions are required here.
Family offices also typically seek lucrative investment objects. They have the objective of safeguarding family wealth over generations while returning corresponding yields. Given the low-interest-rate phase, additional asset classes such as direct-equity investments started to become interesting some time ago.
BDO Family Office Services with its M & A services is able to provide support for developing corporate investments. The same applies, for example, to our real estate experts with respect to asset classes such as properties, with which family offices have been familiar for years. Where family offices participate directly with significant shares in companies with the aim of a long-term, stable investment, BDO contributes with various types of due diligence investigations towards removing the information unbalance between the prospective seller and the family office interested in the acquisition. Determination of value bandwidths and confirmation of a fair purchase price (fairness opinions) are frequently requested services in this context.
Where the integration of direct investments into the family office’s IT is sought, we can define and implement this with our IT specialists. Similarly, we have extensive experience in the design and implementation of planning and reporting systems that provide the current data for direct investments, for example, graphically as a dashboard, thus making it available for family offices.

Our services include, in particular:

  • Restructuring of existing companies, in particular with a view to managing succession
  • Optimisation of supervisory board and advisory council structures
  • Ongoing development of family governance structures and processes
  • Optimisation of investment strategies and concepts
  • Consultancy on the opening the family office to new asset classes (financial innovation, private equity, art, vintage cars, etc.)
  • Optimisation of wealth controlling and wealth reporting
  • Establishment of an innovative reporting tool (Management Cockpit)
  • Support with due diligence
  • Liquidity calculations
  • Training family members
  • General business advice in the development and optimisation of your existing family office
  • IT consultancy in the development and optimisation of your existing family office

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