Holland / Germany Desk

Holland / Germany Desk

Netherland is one of the' most important trading partner for many years. Our western neighbours are a considerable sales market for German businesses. But despite increasing EU influence, the (tax) rules and procedures in Netherlands are still substantially different from those in Germany. It is therefore important the obtain good advice if you are going to do business in Netherlands. Failing to comply with or breaching Netherland rules can cost a lot of money.

Holland/Germany Desk

The objective of the Holland/Germany Desk is to help German businesses and employees who work in Netherlands, or have plans to do so, by providing advice and support for their Dutch/German cross-border issues, in particular regarding tax and administrative matters. This not only concerns assistance in dealing with the required formalities, but also tax optimisation and planning.

The Holland/Germany Desk can be consulted for all types of questions on Netherland tax or administrative matters and for issues involving the tax treaty between the Netherlands and Germany, such as:

  • When will I (or my business or my employees) be liable for tax in Netherlands?
  • What administrative obligations apply in Netherlands?
  • What tax rules will apply if I (my business/employees) become liable for tax in Netherlands?
  • What legal form is best for my business: a holding structure or not?
  • What type of financing is tax-effective?
  • How does the Netherlands tax burden compare to the German tax burden; how do I avoid paying tax in both countries and how can the total tax burden be kept to a minimum?

Collaboration with BDO Netherlands

The Holland/Germany Desk works closely with BDO B.V. that has 28 offices throughout Netherland. This collaboration enables us to assist German businesses by taking on the tasks of completing Netherland tax returns, preparing Netherland annual accounts and maintaining contact with the Belastingdienst.

The Holland/Germany Desk also supports Netherland businesses, employees and private individuals who (want to) do business in Germany. This is why all employees at the Holland/Germany Desk speak both Dutch and German.


The advisers at the Holland/Germany Desk closely follow developments in their respective countries and constantly exchange the information with each other. This is how they support businesses in their cross-border ambitions. If you would like more information, please contact one of our specialists:


Team Deutschland

Liliane Kleinert,  +49 40 302 935 53
Björn Thies,  + 49 201 87215 603
Nadine Wittkamp,  +49 201 872 155 04

Team Netherland

Sandy Bogisch,  +31 26 352 54 03
Peter Bouwman,  +31 26 352 54 46
Bas Wissing,  +31 26 352 54 08

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