Need for sustainable action

Changes to corporate culture and the assignment of business roles are required in order to make Germany’s economy fit for the future in this respect, too.

A transformation process is often required in companies in order to ensure adherence to minimum ratios with a company’s own junior staff. Framework conditions that make it possible for employees to accommodate both work and family are a prerequisite.

This may include measures such as life-phase-oriented career planning, more flexible employment models and targeted sponsorship of talented women. In particular, flexible working conditions should not at the same time be career inhibitors.

The implementation of such measures often requires profound changes which only have a chance if the top management backs, actively promotes and also consistently sustains the change. Other measures may also include scrutinising internal appraisal and promotion processes.

Possible industry-wide competition for female executives is a challenge to keep in mind. Promoting female junior managers could be a measure to counter this competition. Developing networks within companies promotes, for example, loyalty to the company.

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Andrea Bruckner

Andrea Bruckner

German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Chairperson of the Executive Board
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