Insolvency proceedings

The demands on custodians and liquidators have risen considerably due to strengthening of self-administration in insolvency proceedings and the associated introduction of ‘protection proceedings’ and the increasing internationalisation of insolvency proceedings. A large number of complex issues need to be dealt with within a short time in order to achieve the maximum value preservation for all involved.

Integration with the BDO network means we can ensure that all necessary procedures for successfully dealing with a procedure are also immediately available in proceedings with a strong international element.

Lawyer Bernd Depping, and lawyers Roman-Knut Seger, legal counsellor for insolvency law, and Steffen Reusch, MBA, are appointed as liquidators. All told, the three regularly appointed liquidators from BDO Restructuring have been appointed for some 1,300 insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings as sequesters, liquidators, (preliminary and final) and trustees in composition proceedings since 1995. In addition, some 2,500 consumer insolvencies have been managed.

  • Taking over of insolvency administration by liquidators
  • Processing of insolvency proceedings
  • Taking over management
  • Preparing insolvency plans
  • Confirmation of lack of solvency for protection proceedings (§270b certificates)
  • Support through protection proceedings
  • Preparation for insolvency proceedings
  • Consultancy for creditors in insolvency proceedings

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