With sales of more than 400 billion EUR, the Automotive industry in Germany is the strongest industry and the backbone of the entire German economy. But despite this strength with unchanged global impact, a global transformation of mobility and sustainability is facing our Automotive manufacturers and suppliers with unprecedented challenges.

Climate change, e-mobility, digitalization, connectivity and autonomous driving - German OEMs and their supplier industry are putting a great deal of effort into trying to meet these challenges and the new global players that have entered the market. Budgets for in-house research and development are being increased and focused, new companies are being bought and existing segments of the Automotive companies are being sold or adapted to the expected demand. The entire industry has set itself the goal of successfully mastering this transformation and emerging stronger from this phase of change.

In addition, new, predominantly digital, mobility services are constantly emerging, such as car sharing, ride-hailing, mobility-as-a-service, air cabs, B2C sales channels in automotive retail and much more. These will significantly change the mobility of the future and thus the business models in the automotive industry.

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