New Mobility Services

New Mobility Services

Mobility connects people. In the future, however, the nature of mobility will change significantly. As a consequence, the business models of companies in the Automotive industry will also have to change. Driven by the platform economy, a wide variety of new mobility services have emerged in recent years. These offerings have led to a significant change in mobility behavior, not only but especially among young people. This trend will continue as a result of new offerings, greater networking of services, and technological innovations, and will have an impact on sales opportunities for the automotive industry. But new sources of revenue are also opening up.

Mobility is provided by both private and public providers. While private companies focus in particular on the sale or leasing of cars or buses, cab services and intermediary services for passenger transportation or air travel, public providers provide train, tram/subway and bus services. Short-term rental of bicycles or e-scooters is also becoming increasingly important in people's mobility. The major OEM’s have long seen themselves as mobility service providers and are constantly developing their product portfolios. In this context, the development of the markets is significantly influenced by various trends in the long term:

  • Sustainability/E-Mobility
  • Digitalization
  • Shared mobility
  • Impact of the COVID 19 pandemic

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