Participation Management

Participation Management

Municipal investment management is often equivalent to managing participations. Due to the obligation to create consolidated financial statements, cities and administrative districts now have the opportunity to transform what has been thus far typically reactive participation management into active participation management, thus laying down the required foundations that are required for trouble-free, efficient and punctual consolidated financial statements.

Capacity to act in participation management

Within an administrative body, one rarely finds transparent figures on how many and which employees are involved with what participation management tasks all told, or how many are actually required for these tasks. However, this should not only be based on purely quantitative personnel requirements, which can usually be defined by reference to a catalogue of typical tasks in investment management. Instead, the diversity and complexity of individual tasks means that the requirements in terms of education and experience, and thus in terms of staff quality, are high.

BDO supports you in increasing the participation management team’s capacity to act by creating a target catalogue of tasks and a task-oriented model of your process organisation as well as by developing job profiles, supplemented with appropriate staff development planning, if necessary.

Reporting as an important success factor

No participations management can be successful without the necessary information. In the scope of the reporting system and participation controlling, it is essential to define what business information and figures need to be provided to participation management. It is also necessary to define when and how this information needs to be prepared for, and made available to which target group (e.g. managing directors and politicians). This defines the content and extent of control.

Through our experience in the development and application of controlling systems for public tasks, we can support you in designing the necessary reporting from a business and technical point of view, creating the necessary organisational frameworks, and helping you with the roll-out to core administration and participations.

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