Construction Audit / Special Audit

Building Inspection / Special Audits

Leave nothing to chance in your construction projects! Our construction audit offers you independent and objective inspection and consulting services to ensure the correctness, effectiveness and efficiency of your large-scale projects.

With a systematic and targeted approach, we analyse and assess the effectiveness of risk management, the internal controlling system and the management and monitoring processes of your building project. We reveal vulnerabilities and risks in the construction process, and provide you with actionable potential to improve your building project through specific recommendations for action.

The checks also extend to efficiency, costs, deadlines, quality and other technical test areas. The aim is to comply with relevant regulations and the specifications agreed with you as a client.

The construction audit focuses on the following areas:

  • Procurement of planning services
  • Procurement of building services
  • Implementation of the (construction) project/outflow of funds
  • Claims management
  • Warranty

In addition to this, our services can cover project management, contract appraisal, change and supplement management, as well as archiving within the scope of the construction audit.

We model the auditing and consulting approaches and test fields in collaboration with you as the owner and developer. A ‘risk map’ and the audit plan increase the effectiveness of the construction audit and keep costs within manageable limits.

The construction audit is performed by proven architects or civil engineers in collaboration with experienced real estate economists and, where needed, auditors. With a view to combating economic crime, the specialists from BDO Forensics, Risk & Compliance are also called in.

In the scope of special audits, we deliver expert opinions on your special topics (e.g. analysis of the bidding process sequence).

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