Real Estate

Real Estate

Thanks to the relatively favourable and stable economic situation in Germany, the German real estate market is attracting massive investment from home and abroad. The demand effect resulting from an environment with low interest rates has led to significant price increases and also an increase in project development offerings. Our Industry Expertise Centre for Real Estate Services offers you tailor-made solutions for mastering the current situation in the real estate markets.

The interdisciplinary composition of our team ensures that all issues are expertly covered and developed into a holistic solution. The teams consist of real estate economists, experts in property valuation, construction experts, architects, construction and industrial engineers, business economists, geologists, chemists, interior planners and geographers. Where required, additional BDO specialists are consulted, such as accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and IT professionals.

Our performance spectrum:

  • Transaction support
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Tax Compliance: ongoing tax advice, financial accounting and preparation of annual financial statements according to IFRS or German GAAP (HGB) standards
  • Reporting
  • Legal services
  • Property valuation
  • Audit services for construction clients
  • Analysis of contamination site risks and land recycling
  • Evaluation of economic efficiency with respect to settlement development
  • Advisory regarding inheritance and gift taxes

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