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Profitability Investigations in Settlement Development

The redevelopment of inner city sites by private-sector investors or municipalities often fails due to seemingly incalculable factors such as the cost and duration of site preparation. Communities often struggle to proactively address the process because forecasts of the impact of such land (re-)development are not covered by the municipal budget. An economic feasibility study and municipal fiscal impact analysis offers these benefits:

  • Forecast of municipal fiscal effects of land development (income and expense for the municipal budget)
  • Objectification of discussions between the municipality and investors
  • Integration of relevant sectoral planning
  • Traceable, sustainable modelling
  • Identifying the essential levers for profitability of a project
  • Definition of the municipal bargaining position in dealings with investors
  • Documentation of results for decision-making bodies
  • Qualified basis for EU-wide tenders for development projects

In cooperation with the specialists from BDO TUC, BDO offers economic feasibility studies for all site types and forms of use. In moderated workshops with the project participants, the basic data are collected, and design ideas and potential variants developed. Planning options are structured in computer models and are then available for discussion to examine variants in terms of their effects on the project results for the municipal budget (short- and long-term).

In this way, municipality representatives can examine the advantages and disadvantages of development scenarios from their own perspective and substantiate negotiations with private investors.

An interdisciplinary team of development planners, geographers, engineers, geologists, accountants and tax consultants is available to provide comprehensive advice.