Consultancy on Accounting in Line with IFRS or HGB

Consultancy on Accounting in Line with IFRS or HGB

Given a correspondingly high proportion of balance sheet assets, real estate assets have a significant impact on the assets, financial and earnings situation of a company; they thus offer major potential for improvement.

This can mean the following real-estate-specific consulting fields in accounting:

  • Classification of real estate (IAS 2, IAS 11, IAS 16, IAS 40, IFRS 5)
  • Classification of leases (IAS 17)
  • Investigation of options
  • Real estate valuations for accounting purposes
  • Performing impairment tests
  • Distribution of the site and building components/purchase price allocation

In the course of consultancy for financial statements, real estate economists and real estate valuation experts collaborate closely with the experts from our international accounting department and with auditors to ensure optimum, customer-specific advice.

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