Real Estate Valuation

Real Estate Valuation

Up-to-date and reliable property values are essential, for example, in acquisitions and selling, in the analysis and improvement of property portfolios, in private reorganisation of public housing portfolios, in accounting for real estate assets in financial statements, and not least for inexpensive borrowing.

Our offerings are comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the reason for the valuation and desired valuation scope, we create individual expert opinions and valuation reports or deliver value indications, value updates, desktop reviews or plausibility statements on expert opinions.

The drivers of property valuations specifically include:

  • Transactions (share/asset deals)

  • Financing and mortgaging

  • Portfolio optimisation/asset management

  • Financial statements (HGB and IFRS)

  • Taxation

  • Project development (scenario analysis)

We create valuations for you in line with both national and international

valuation standards (White Book, Blue Book, Red Book):

National standards:

  • Market value as per BauGB (in combination with ImmoWertV)
    or comparison price
    or real value
    or earning power
  • Collateral value as per PfandBG (in combination with BelWertV)

International standards

  • Market value and fair value

  • Estimated rental value

  • Vacant possession value

  • Reinstatement costs

  • Depreciated replacement costs

  • Land value

  • (German) mortgage lending value

Our valuation expertise (sites or equivalent leasehold rights including buildings) ranges from residential through to commercial properties (office, retail, manufacturing and industry), public buildings (schools, hospitals, community centres, etc.) and special-purpose real estate (hotels, nursing homes and retirement properties, logistics centres, etc.) in the context of individual and portfolio reviews.

Valuation orders are handled by a competent team consisting of experts on real estate appraisals and surveyors. Where needed, additional BDO specialists are called in.

BDO’s strict quality requirements are ensured by professional qualification and on-going training. Accordingly, BDO is listed as an evaluator by numerous brand-name banks and investors, and has extensive experience in valuing complex real estate portfolios.