Wolfgang Otte

Wolfgang Otte

German Public Auditor, Lawyer, Partner, Financial Services Banking

Financial Services Banking



  • Financial statements audits according to IFRS, German and US-GAAP
  • Out- und Co-Sourcing projects of the internal audit function
  • Special Investigations on regulatory questions sponsored by banks, shareholders, NCA‘s, ECB
  • Implementation or attestation projects of technical concepts for the transition of regulatory requirements (eg. Minimum Requirements for risk management, Anti Money Laundring, MIFID/MIFIR, Regulatory Reporting)
  • Conversion of Accounting Standards (German-GAAP, IFRS, US-GAAP)
  • Instructor within professional training programs for management and supervisory board members

Industry expertise

  • Retail, Wholesale and Investment Banking
  • Branches of foreign banks
  • Payment Services Providers
  • Financial Investment Management Companies,  investment asset pools (all asset classes)
  • Financial Services Providers (leasing, factoring)
  • Online Brokers

Professional assignments

  • Lectureship at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg accounting chair
  • Lectureship at the Business School Magdeburg controlling chair
  • Member of working committees of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany
    • IFRS 9, Classification and Measurement
    • Financial Services Providers
    • Risk Management for Banks
    • OTC-Derivates
  • Author of several articles regarding risk management and regulatory requirements in the financial services industry
    • Analyse des eigenen Geschäftsmodells – inhaltliche und prozessuale Herausforderungen, Otte, Wolfgang/Blömer, Stefan in Geschäftsmodellanalyse - Praxisorientierter Umgang mit neuen SREP- und MaRisk-Anforderungen, Hrsg. Professor Dr. Dirk Heithecker/ Dennis Tschuschke, 2016, Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg
    • Prüfung der Risikotragfähigkeit aus Sicht der externen Prüfung, Otte, Wolfgang in Risikotragfähigkeit, Hrsg. Prof. Dr. Svend Reuse, 2. Auflage 2016, Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg
    • Gesamtbanksteuerung als Bestandteil der externen Prüfung, Otte, Wolfgang in Gesamtbanksteuerung in der Praxis, Hrsg. Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeranski,. 2014, Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg
    • Kapitalplanung, Maaß, Marlon/Otte, Wolfgang in Revisionspraktiker 2013
    • 4. MaRisk-Novelle, Otte, Wolfgang in Bankpraktiker WIKI 2013
      Kapitalplanungsprozess stärkt Risikotragfähigkeitsbetrachtung Otte, Wolfgang in Bankpraktiker WIKI 2013
    • Stärkung des Risikocontrollings durch die 4. MaRisk-Novelle, Otte/Lindemann in Bankpraktiker WIKI 2013