Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigations Training

Discover the Power of Effective Online Investigations

Our customized OSINT Training equips you and your team with the skills to use the internet effectively for investigative purposes. Our comprehensive training covers all OSINT-relevant areas, from the fundamentals of open source intelligence and specialized social media research to advanced analysis techniques and cybersecurity measures. Through practical exercises, participants learn how to develop research plans, systematically analyse information, and implement monitoring strategies. They will gain an overview of the latest technologies, tools, and databases to significantly enhance their research skills.

Why Choose Our OSINT Training Programme?

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: From basics to advanced techniques, our training covers the full spectrum of online research.
  • Practice-Oriented Learning: Interactive exercises ensure participants acquire tangible skills for immediate application.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether upskilling an existing investigative unit or building a new team, our training is designed to meet your specific requirements.

Course Content That Inspires

Our carefully designed course program teaches a wide range of skills:

  • Fundamentals of Open Source Intelligence
  • Advanced OSINT skills
  • Specialized Social Media Research
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for OSINT
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques
  • Cybersecurity Measures
  • Monitoring Techniques
  • Operational Security (OPSEC)

Participants gain in-depth insights into the latest technologies, tools, and databases, along with practical guidance on developing effective research plans, systematically analysing information, and implementing efficient monitoring strategies.

Expand Your Research Expertise

With our OSINT training, you expand your team's digital investigation skills and strengthen your position in an increasingly networked and information-driven environment. Our experts bring extensive experience and knowledge, reflecting the latest trends and proven methods.

Benefit from the Advantages of a Closed Training Program

Closed training, with participants from just one company or institution, offers a more customized learning experience. These workshops allow for the free exchange of sensitive content, such as current research challenges, problems, and specific business cases. If required, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be signed before the training workshop. Training takes place in Hamburg or as in-house training at the client's premises.

Take Part in the Training

Ready to elevate your online research skills? Contact Bruno Mortier for more information or to register for our next training session.

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Bruno Mortier

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Markus Brinkmann

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