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BDO Germany's Global Corporate Intelligence department specializes in gathering critical information on individuals, companies, and specific topics. Our services support planned business transactions, investigations into suspected fraud and corruption, asset tracing, litigation support, and other disputes. With extensive investigations in over 160 countries, our team possesses unparalleled global expertise.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse clientele, including investment funds, global financial institutions, law firms, and corporate clients. Our precise insights and information stem from meticulously analyzing publicly available data and consulting our network of expert sources when necessary. Our team is adept at navigating the complexities of international investigations and due diligence, uncovering hidden information efficiently. Clients benefit from our extensive global network, developed over 25 years, which facilitates discreet information gathering. Our local expertise, particularly in high-risk emerging markets, ensures swift and reliable results.

The depth of our investigative due diligence research is customized to the risks of each case. Some clients seek insights into the reputation and background of a target company or its executives, while others require detailed assessments of factors that could impact the reputation or value of a transaction. We tailor our investigation processes to the specific needs of each client, employing a bespoke approach based on the purpose, market, and location. The challenges of local legislation, variable document quality, and dynamic geopolitical developments mean that only well-resourced global investigation firms like the BDO Network firms can deliver truly comprehensive international background investigations.

Litigation and Arbitration Support

We assist clients in complex litigation by providing information, strategy, and evidence that is admissible in court. Our wide range of confidential intelligence-gathering measures helps clients develop robust legal strategies.

Internal Investigations

We investigate serious misconduct, fraud, and corporate offenses committed by executives, former employees, or third parties. Our support helps clients mitigate the risks arising from these situations.

Special and Contentious Situations

We assist clients in handling exceptionally challenging situations, such as short-selling attacks and negative media or PR campaigns.

Ad Hoc Investigations

Our team conducts a wide variety of investigations that do not fit into conventional categories, requiring creative, responsive, and effective problem-solving approaches. These often involve identity theft, intellectual property theft, locating individuals, or accessing hard-to-obtain information. In a world where fast and actionable information is crucial, BDO Germany's Global Corporate Intelligence department combines in-depth investigative expertise and professional know-how with the latest forensic techniques and technological tools. We provide comprehensive support in all corporate intelligence matters, leveraging the interdisciplinary expertise of our intelligence experts.

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Bruno Mortier

Bruno Mortier

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Markus Brinkmann

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