Strategic Competitive Intelligence

BDO empowers you to successfully develop new markets by providing the crucial insights that ensure your business success. With over 25 years of experience in sourcing hard-to-find information on industries, people, and companies, we go beyond online research, leveraging our extensive network of sources to deliver the key information you need.

Understanding Key Market Characteristics

By accessing our network of local contacts, we provide real-world, action-oriented intelligence that offers immediate insights into the specifics of emerging markets. This includes political, social, economic, regulatory, and operational considerations.

Competitive Landscape and Market Trends

Identify market trends and benefit directly from industry specialists and professionals operating in your target market. Gain insights into your competitors' activities, their operational approaches in specific regions, and the strategies they apply.

Navigating the Legal and Political Framework

Understand the political landscape and the interplay between business and politics. Evaluate the impact of potential changes in regimes and regulations and uncover undisclosed government interests.

Identifying and Mitigating Operational, Compliance, and Corruption Risks

Learn how to operate in challenging environments while meeting Western regulatory and compliance standards.

Our competitive intelligence services are integral to this offering. We collect, analyse, and interpret information about the competitive landscape to enable you to make informed strategic decisions. This legal and ethical process is based on publicly available information and our ability to gain deeper insights through our extensive experience and broad network of contacts. With BDO as your partner, you can be confident in obtaining the information necessary to succeed in new markets.

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Bruno Mortier

Bruno Mortier

Senior Manager, Forensic, Risk & Compliance
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Markus Brinkmann

Markus Brinkmann

CFE, Partner, Forensic, Risk & Compliance
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