Asset Tracing and Value Recovery

Global Asset Tracing and Value Recovery

BDO supports legal teams, fintech companies, banks, corporates, and governments worldwide with an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)-based evidence preservation approach to asset tracing, identification, and ultimate recovery.

Why Choose BDO for Asset Recovery?

In our globally interconnected economy, assets are mobile, and jurisdictional differences provide loopholes for fraudulent practices and the concealment of stolen assets. International cooperation is crucial for tracing and recovering assets such as cash, receivables, or real estate.

With over 115,000 employees in 166 countries, BDO is ideally positioned to follow the money across national borders, navigate challenging jurisdictions, and drive asset recovery. In jurisdictions with statutory time limits for investigations or where the subject still has access to the assets during the investigation, BDO's global network provides the speed required for successful asset recovery.

Detailed knowledge and utilization of local laws and circumstances are core components of asset recovery. BDO's joint asset recovery taskforce brings together international investigation and prosecution teams on a case-by-case basis. In addition to various legal measures and frameworks for asset recovery, preserving evidence is central to recovering the proceeds of crime and assets derived from criminal offenses.

When legal options for obtaining information have been exhausted, OSINT can provide valuable information on assets. BDO analyzes all available sources and data for critical information and uses OSINT for further investigation. OSINT is particularly valuable as law enforcement agencies and prosecutors rarely investigate beyond their own borders.

Our Asset Recovery Services at a Glance

BDO's investigation plan follows the legal strategy to identify individuals, companies, and assets, aswering the questions of who, what, where, when, and how. We combine legal strategies with advanced investigative techniques to facilitate the recovery of assets such as cash, receivables, cryptocurrency or real estate. Our areas of investigation include:

  • Corporate Holdings and Beneficial Owners: Combining commercial databases and official primary sources to uncover global assets.
  • Court Records and Legal Databases: Analyzing court documents and legal disputes to trigger further investigations.
  • Real Estate: Utilizing property registers and leaked data to uncover hidden real estate assets.
  • Maritime, Aviation, and Motor Vehicle Assets: Analyzing registrations and ownership to identify movable assets and actor relationships.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology Assets: Applying blockchain analytics and OSINT to uncover hidden crypto or fraudulently acquired assets.
  • Digital Footprint & Social Media Intelligence: Using information from social media to identify and locate assets.

Forensic Accounting and Data Analysis

Our forensic accountants and analysts utilize state-of-the-art technology to investigate financial transactions, clarify cash flows, and decipher the origin of funds. BDO uses all available legal tools to obtain information from financial institutions and create detailed financial profiles of target persons to better analyse money flows.

Your Partner for Successful Asset Recovery

BDO offers a comprehensive range of asset tracing and recovery services based on extensive experience, international reach, and a deep understanding of the complexities of global jurisdictions. Our approach combines thorough legal knowledge with cutting-edge investigative techniques, providing you with a complete solution for tracing and recovering your assets—worldwide, efficient, and targeted.

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