OSINT Risk Audit

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Risk Audit

Security for Executives and High Net Worth Individuals: Our OSINT Risk Audit

In our increasingly digitalized society, private information can easily become public, posing significant security challenges for executives, CEOs, and high net worth individuals (HNWI). Understanding your digital attack surface is crucial. Criminals exploit publicly accessible information to harass or harm these individuals, making a precise understanding of your digital footprint essential.

Customized Protection through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Our customized OSINT risk audit empowers exposed individuals, corporate security departments, and family offices to manage security risks effectively. By utilizing open source intelligence techniques, our experts uncover potential threats and develop preventive security strategies. The results are compiled into a detailed report with tailored security recommendations based on the latest best practices. These recommendations aim to maximize the protection of executives and HNWI, providing a robust defense against evolving threats in both the digital and physical worlds.

Future-Proofing through Digital Monitoring

Our digital monitoring service includes ongoing surveillance of mentions in selected online sources. This proactive approach allows us to respond swiftly to suspicious activity and offer targeted security recommendations. By doing so, we ensure real-time protection and stay ahead of potential future threats.

Commitment to Data Protection and Discretion

We prioritize data protection and discretion. All data collected is used exclusively to protect the exposed individuals and is handled with strict confidentiality. Additionally, we provide continuous support, whether in implementing security measures or responding to security incidents.

An OSINT risk audit for exposed persons is a critical component of comprehensive security and operational safety measures.

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Bruno Mortier

Bruno Mortier

Senior Manager, Forensic, Risk & Compliance
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Markus Brinkmann

Markus Brinkmann

CFE, Partner, Forensic, Risk & Compliance
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