Integrity Due Diligence Services

Comprehensive Integrity Due Diligence Services

Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) is a crucial component of risk management designed to identify and minimize risks associated with new or existing business relationships early on. This in-depth analysis of the integrity and reliability of potential business partners provides detailed insights into their business behaviour, reputation, and compliance structures. By meticulously scrutinizing publicly available information, company data, history, and trustworthy sources, we ensure complete transparency for our clients to make informed business decisions.

Core Aspects of Integrity Due Diligence

Integrity due diligence comprehensively reviews potential business partners to recognize and manage risks promptly:

  • Identification and Verification of Business Partners: Ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of the business entity.
  • Identification of Beneficial Owners: Uncovering true ownership structures and control relationships.
  • Reputation Assessment: Evaluating the reputation and political connections of business partners to identify potential risks.
  • Identification of Sanction Risks: Checking for involvement in or connection to sanctioned activities or persons.
  • Transparency in the Supply Chain: Providing a comprehensive overview of your entire supply chain.

Flexible Offerings

We offer two fixed Integrity Due Diligence levels at a set price and one customizable level to ensure maximum security and flexibility.

Specialized Integrity Due Diligence Investigations

  • Specialized Investigations: Conducting comprehensive research on companies or individuals using national and international publicly available sources.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Identifying potential integrity risks that could affect the target company at an early stage.
  • Money Laundering Due Diligence (AML): Supporting your risk-based money laundering prevention obligations by identifying possible risk indicators and 'red flags' with business partners.

Third Party Risk: Ensuring Transparency and Compliance in the Supply Chain

Analyzing third-party risk is a key component of our comprehensive integrity due diligence services. Our expertise ensures complete transparency across the entire supply chain and identifies potential risks early. This is essential to maintain the integrity of your business relationships and minimize regulatory and reputational risks.

Transparency Across the Entire Supply Chain

We prioritize providing our clients with a clear view of all levels of their supply chain. By identifying and analyzing third-party risks, we help uncover weaknesses and take preventative measures. This includes screening suppliers and partners against compliance standards and ethical guidelines to ensure their business practices align with internationally recognized norms.

Addressing Forced Labor Risks in the Supply Chain

A particular focus of our service is detecting and preventing forced labor risks within the supply chain. As social responsibility and ethical business practices become increasingly prominent, companies must proactively ensure their supply chains are free from forced labor. We conduct thorough audits to help you fulfill these obligations and uncover risks that could damage your brand and reputation.

Compliance with Sanctions and Export Regulations

With increasingly complex global sanctions and export control regimes, ensuring third-party compliance is essential. Our service helps you avoid violations of sanctions and export regulations by monitoring compliance along your supply chain. Identifying potential risks early helps you avoid fines, legal consequences, and damage to your public image.


With our Third Party Risk Integrity Due Diligence Service, we provide the necessary tools and expertise to effectively manage risks and ensure the integrity of your supply chain. Rely on our expertise to ensure transparency, compliance, and ethical business practices in all your business relationships.

Your Partner for Risk-Aware Business Decisions

Trust our expertise in integrity due diligence to establish solid and trustworthy business relationships. Our customized services offer security and compliance, ensuring that your business partners meet your ethical standards and legal requirements. Rely on our comprehensive integrity due diligence services to identify and minimize potential risks early.

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