Auditing non-financial information

Compiling and auditing non-financial information is the basis for verifying guidelines or contract provisions. Non-financial information is also often a prerequisite for applying for sponsorship and grants. However, the growing importance of non-financial figures for internal control must also be observed.

The demand for auditing non-financial information is therefore varied. Our objective here is also: To provide tailored auditing services in accordance with the expectations for auditing reliability and assessment criteria.

As part of the audit, the developed skills and knowledge can also be regularly used for such special auditing services. Through the case-by-case selection of additional specialists, we ensure that each tasks is conducted in an interdisciplinary way with top expertise and quality.

Examples of non-financial information include:

  • The proper use of sponsorship
  • Auditing practices (e.g. compliance with directives or contractual provisions)
  • Environmental concerns (e.g. emissions, energy consumption, etc.)
  • Employee concerns (e.g. number of women in management positions) => link to website about quota of women/special newsletter