Auditing specific or selected financial information

Compiling specific and selected financial information usually serves the fulfilment of financial obligations to contractors, authorities, (development) banks and other institutions. Selected financial information is often relevant to decisions in negotiations with investors or is used as proof of compliance with contractual agreements.

In each of these cases, special or selected financial information requires validation by an independent auditor. This business audit assignment can be carried out with the aim of sufficient or limited assurance – depending on your needs. The common goal of all the audits is establishing trust between market participants!

Examples of specific or selected financial information:

  • Financial statements which have been prepared as per specific accounting provisions (e.g. on the basis of a contract, as per instructions from authorities)
    • Auditing carve-out financial statements
    • Auditing pro forma accounting
    • Sales revenues under licensing agreements/revenue-based rents
    • Statement about the use of means of conveyance, operating grants, etc.
    • Analyses of financial data and financial forecasts