Enforcement consultancy

Since 1 July 2005, accounting for the annual and consolidated financial statements of companies that are represented on the regulated market in Germany is subject to auditing by the Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (FREP, or DPR e.V. in German), in a process known as enforcement.

Our central accounting department has years of experience in the field of enforcement procedures as well as in the areas of

  • Indicated cause audits (existing of tangible indications of infringements against accounting regulations),
  • Sample audits (without a tangible indication existing), and
  • Requested audits (on request by BaFin where indications exist).

We advise our clients in advance on the workflow of this type of DPR audit, and its potential focus topics; we are also happy to support you with expertise and experience during the procedure to answer what are typically highly complex questions.

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