Implementing and optimising public budgeting, cash policy and accounting

Usually, the budget and accounting changeover is supplemented with reform elements to improve economic efficiency in the administration and align it more closely with objectives. This involves substantive, organisational and technological changes that go far beyond the adjustments required for compliance with formal requirements.

In the light of initial experiences, it must be said that the great professional, organisational and technical expectations have not been fully met.

In particular, the integration of the various elements of reform in the context of a comprehensive planning and control system for administration and politics has not been successfully completed everywhere.

BDO’s experienced team specialises in the introduction and targeted development of budgetary, accounting and control systems in federal states, municipalities and non-profit institutions. The focus of our services is on improving and connecting the instruments and procedures of external and internal accounting.

  • Creating professional and IT concepts in external and internal accounting
  • Quality- and risk-oriented monitoring and controlling of accounting projects – for example, through quality assurance of the function-related and IT concepts created by clients, system suppliers and integrators
  • Modelling of the planning processes, current business accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Support for continuous improvement of the information quality in planning and the financial statements
  • Support for administrative tasks in the transition process, such as support for initial inventorying of assets and valuation, or assistance in drawing up the first plans
  • Advice on introducing consolidated financial statements
  • Introduction of controlling and reporting systems – for example, substantive, organisational and technical design of an integrated, effects-oriented target and performance measurement system
  • Implementation of training with regard to the stated topics

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