Auditing in the field of the capital market

Listing on the capital market increases the requirements to be met by the enterprise, in particular in terms of creating annual and consolidated financial statements. In addition to implementing accounting rules in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the focus is mainly on the information requirements of financial statement addressees. Companies are asking themselves which financial information shareholders and lenders expect on top of the mandatory details. Additionally, capital market orientation leads to continuous new challenges which BDO can solve in collaboration with you in the audit process. Our test team, including specialists in the respective disciplines, develops an enterprise-centric auditing concept, and a strategy for efficient auditing of the financial statements. The mutual goal is clearly defined here: preparing an efficient audit and taking legal requirements and standards into consideration to promote shareholder trust in the enterprise’s shares.

Beyond this, capital market orientation results in other topics; here, too, BDO supports you as a competent advisor, including:

  • Identifying and solving audit and accounting related requirements (e.g. segment reporting in line with IFRS 8) at an early stage.
  • Training in the field of dynamic development of IFRS regulations – for example, the implementation of new standards, such as IFRS 16 (Leasing) in a global context.

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Dr. Jens Freiberg

Dr. Jens Freiberg

German Public Auditor, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Capital Markets
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